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Party FAQ

Q. What is the Outline for you Parties?
A. Here is an outline of out parties:

Coloring or play for the first 10 minutes while the kids arrive

Project based on theme and age of kids led by party facilitator. An example is painting a canvas painting or a wood unicorn for a unicorn party. This takes around 30 minutes. 

As the kids are finishing they play with the toys, Lego wall, magnetic wall, and doll houses while the party facilitator cleans the tables for food. 

Children are then seated for food and cake. This usually takes the remainder of the party time. If they finish early they can play quickly before leaving. 

Q. What is the Max number of children allowed at the party?
A. We can seat 20 children at our kids table. For this size party we suggest drop off or partial drop off. 

Q. Is food included in your party package?
A. No but we have an additional table for your food and a beverage container for beverages such as juice boxes and water bottles. You are welcome to bring in the food and beverages of your choice.

Q. Do we need to provide the plates and glasses for the party?
A. Yes you will need to provide the serving ware for the food and beverages you provide.

Q. Can we have outside entertainment such as characters attend the party?
A. Yes absolutely. We suggested adding 30 minutes to the party length to give enough time for our craft project and the characters entertainment. 

Q. Do you have additional seating for the adults?
A. We have a front bench area for any adults who need a place to sit during the party.

Q. Do we need to provide decorations for the party?
A. No we provide all the decor as seen in our gallery or the photo below. If you want to bring additional decorations you can secure to wall using making tape only. 


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